Pixel Sword Fish io 1.79

Pixel Sword Fish io 1.79

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Version: 1.79


Latest update: 23.03.2019

Our beloved players! Here we are with huge update and list what we prepared for you:. . Added new game mode "Arms Race" where you need to find tusk which you can use for certain amount of time for battle.. . Added 5 power-ups for characters. You can upgrade them by gems, which you can earn in new mini game.

Deskripsi Pixel Sword Fish io

Pixel Swordfish.io is a game about cute creatures piercing each other. Dash to your enemy and kill them!Your goal is become the creature with biggest nose in the world.If your nose touches another player, he will explode and you will get another point. But if others run into YOU, then you are defeat... Lihat lebih banyak

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